ID in this catalogue WCO 6
Type Outflow water clock 
Current Location

British Museum

Catalogue Numbers

EA938 (1873,0812.1, BS.938)


Tell el-Yahudiya(?)


Ptolemaic, 320 BCE


Height 34 cm; width 30 cm; depth 7 cm

Material Granodiorite


One large fragment spanning rim to near the bottom


Birch (1850)

Wiedemann (1901)

Budge (1909a)

Budge (1909b)

Borchardt (1920)

Langmann et al. (1984)

Quirke and Spencer (1992)

Clagett (1995)

Grimal et al. (1998)

Lodomez (2007)

External registers Single Register 
External upper band of text Present 
External lower band(s) of text Present 
Exterior Astronomical Diagram No
Rim One complete and one partial month label in Latin and Egyptian
Interior markings Two vertical lines of evenly spaced incised dots are preserved, as are parts of a djed-pillar, a was-sceptre, and an ankh. The fill line is clearly visible.
Other features  

Entry in the Britsh Museum online catalogue:

See also the entry in: Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 28 BM 938, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-21 (Berlin cast of this object is ID 10.)


 See the BM catalogue entry above for views of the exterior and interior. Langmann et al. (1984) includes a view of the rim.