ID in this catalogue SC Petrie UC36147
Type Conical 
Current Location The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology  
Catalogue Numbers UC 36147 
Provenance Unknown 
Date Unknown 
Dimensions L 75 mm, W 75 mm, H 75 mm (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue 2016)
Material Limestone (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue 2016)
Markings and inscriptions Has 5 hour lines and two curved lines preserved, as well as an udjat-eye elsewhere. (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue 2016
Notes We are not aware of this sundial being published.
Literature (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue, 2016) 

A photograph from the Petrie Museum online catalogue,, under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License. The photograph is © 2015 UCL: