ID in this catalogue SS Fitz E.GA.4596.1943
Type Sloping 
Current Location Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 
Catalogue Numbers E.GA. 4596.1943 
Provenance Given by R. G. Gayer-Anderson  
Date 400-1 B.C  
Dimensions Approximately 110 mm long from photographs 
Material Wood 
Markings and inscriptions Indentation in the middle of the sloping part similar to SS Petrie UC16376
Notes Doorway like notch on right side of gnomon, scene with two figures on front of gnomon. Possibily traces of a similar scene on the back (again, similar to SS Petrie UC16376). Inscription all the way around the base. Although this is wood, it repeats a similar program of decoration to the stone examples. 
Literature Unknown

 Photo taken by Symons:


A better photo can be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum online catalogue here.