ID in this catalogue SL Berlin ÄM 14573
Type L-shaped
Current Location Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin
Catalogue Numbers ÄM 14573
Provenance Bought by Reinhard in 1899 (Rau 2002)
Date New Kingdom, Amenhotep III (c. 1380 BC)
Dimensions H 46 mm, W 30 mm, D 13 mm (Rau 2002)
Material Wood
Markings and inscriptions A hole and reference line are visible on the right-hand side. Front surface has depiction of Amenhotep III offering to the sun-god.
Notes This is only the gnomon portion of an L-shaped sundial. The lower part is the joint which would have attached it to the other part of the dial. It has a drilled hole at the bottom to dowel this joint.

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