ID in this catalogue SS Louvre E 11737
Type Sloping  
Current Location

Musée du Louvre, Paris

Sully Wing, Ground Floor, Room 6, "Writing and Scribes", Vitrine 6 "Weights and Measures" between SD Louvre E 11738 and SL Louvre N 781

Catalogue Numbers

E 11737

The label N54 is visible on the left side  

Provenance Unknown 
Date Late Period, 664-322 BC (Museum Online Database)
Dimensions H 58 mm, L 87 mm, W 30 mm 
Material Faience (Museum Online Database)
Markings and inscriptions

Hieroglyphic text in a band around the base, naming an astronomer Nymaatre (Museum Online Database). A square frame feature is visible on each side, similar to SS EMC JE 67342 and SS MRAH E.07303. On the back, there is a vignette of, perhaps, the king offering to the sun god.

No markings are visible on the top or sloping faces. 

Literature  None known

Two images are available in the Louvre Museum online catalogue here