ID in this catalogue SL Berlin ÄM 19744
Type  L-Shaped
Current Location Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin, Room 0.00
Catalogue Numbers ÄM 19744
Provenance Ashmunein (Borchardt 1910)
Date New Kingdom, Thutmosis lll (c. 1500 BC)
Dimensions L 232 mm, H 46 mm, W 24 mm (museum web database)
Material Metamorphic green slate (Borchardt 1910)
Markings and Inscriptions

Five circular marks on scale.

Two holes on top of gnomon, vertical line for plumb bob on right side. 

Inscriptions with name and titles of Thutmosis III on each long edge of the scale.


The oldest piece in this catalogue.

Borchardt acquired both this and SL Berlin ÄM 19743 at the same time from Maurice Nahman in Cairo (Rau 2002)


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