ID in this catalogue SC GRM 19810
Type Conical 
Current Location Graeco-Roman Museum,  Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt  
Catalogue Numbers


Dialface ID 429

Excavation Inventory Number: P 127 

Provenance Abu Mina, Egypt, found 1985 in the northeastern side of the main square, where it had been re-used as building material (Kościuk 1992
Date Unknown
Dimensions H 346 mm, W 446 mm, D c. 250-254 mm (Kościuk 1992
Material Nummulite limestone (Kościuk 1992
Markings and inscriptions Thirteen hour lines, including an extended noon line. Solsticial and equinoctial lines. 
Notes Gnomon is missing (Kościuk 1992

Kościuk (1992)

Hüttig (1998)

Graßhoff (2015)


Very good drawings are contained in Kościuk (1992), which is available via that author's page here.