ID in this catalogue WCO 20
Type Outflow water clock 
Current Location Last known to be in the Capitoline Museums, Rome - unverified
Catalogue Numbers Unknown 
Provenance A private house near the site of a temple of Isis and Sarapis (monastery of Santa Lucia in Selci).
Date Probably Roman era, based on the style of interior markings
Dimensions Maximum dimension around 11 cm
Material Basalt


Publications Borchardt (1920)  
External registers None
External upper band of text No external decoration 
External lower band(s) of text No external decoration 
Exterior Astronomical Diagram No
Rim Month and zodiac markings: Phamenoth Pharmouthi, Pisces and the spring equinox, plus some finer gradation of the year via holes (six per month).
Interior markings Yes, apparently dots joined by horizontal lines.
Other features  

See also the entry in: Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 39 Rome, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-33


See Borchardt (1920) for a drawing of the interior and rim.