Title Water clock (Florence)
Water Clock ID WCO 17 (see catalogue of water clocks)
Type Astronomical Representation
Decan List Family AR1
EAT3 Number and Name 45 Florence
EAT3 Pages and Plates 60-61, Plate 22D
EAT3 Decan List Family Senmut or Senmut A
Publications Borchardt (1920)
Location Fragment of a water clock possibly from Saqqara. Inv. No. 12290, Museo Egizio, Florence
Date Early Ptolemaic?
Registers Probably only 2
Circumpolar Group and Deities ?
Planets ?
Decan Names Yes
Decanal Stars Yes
Personifications of the Decans Unlikely
Cluster Numbers ?
Depictions of Decanal Constellations Yes
Decanal Deity Names Yes
Decanal Deity Figures A horus-headed figure is depicted, out of place to be a planet, which may be a decanal deity or an over-sized determinative
Lunar Months ?
Civil Months ?
Nut Unlikely

This fragment of a water clock is consistent with an astronomical representation similar to that of the Amenhotep III water clock.


The fragment only contains part of the decanal area of the representation.

Decan List

Only part of the decan list is preserved.  

The list gives an approximate layout for how the decans, deities, cluster labels (in transliteration), and decanal figures (in bold) are arranged.  However, the only way of perceiving the complete layout and orthography of the labels is by consulting photographs or drawings.  The decan numbers and letters shown here are for the decan family AR1.

The number of star symbols accompanying the decans is also omitted here, as it is often impossible to tell to which decan the symbols refer.  EAT3 deals with star symbols in some detail.

6 TmAt Hrt, 7 TmAt Xrt Duamutef Arc of Stars
8 wSAti, 9 bkAti Duamutef, Hapy
10 tpy-a xntt, 11 xntt Hrt Horus Horus?
12 xntt Xrt  
13 Tms n xntt  
14 sApti xnwy Isis  
15 Hry-ib wiA    
16 sSmw Horus