Label K0 
EAT 1 Coffin
EAT 1 Group
Major Publications

Murray (1904)

Frankfort (1933)

Neugebauer and Parker (1960), Pages 32-35 includes drawing, no plates available

Owner The Osireion is often described as a model of the tomb of Osiris.
Provenance Osireion, Abydos
Current Location In situ in the Osireion, Abydos


Rows 6 preserved, 12 assumed
Date Row Yes 
Columns ?  Presumably the star table was extensive, even complete, but only a few cells survive on the underside of a lintel.
Pattern The small surviving portion maintains a perfect diagonal pattern.
Vertical Strip The layout of this table is completely different from those on coffins - whether a representation of the vertical band was included is impossible to guess.
Horizontal Strip Ditto
Other Text This table is the only diagonal star table to label the rows with hour names.
Style Unique, the only occurence of a diagonal star table as decoration in a building.  The layout is completely rearranged, allowing a whole month (three decades) to appear together, but with the two halves of the night (usually separated by the horizontal strip) treated separately.




Legend for Schematic
  Parts of the table that were never originally present when compared to an ideal table
  Parts of the table that are obscured; any legible fragments are consistent with the numbers shown


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Image: After Murray (1904).


Ordinary Decans
15a spty 17 sSmw 20  smd
15b xnwy 18 knm 21 srt
16 Hry-ib wiA 19 tpy-a smd    


Legend for Decans
  Decans that occur on this table
  Decans that do not occur on this table, but a space is left for them because they may have occurred on the ideal table
  Parts of the decan list that are missing owing to loss or damage



This is the only fragment of a long thin diagonal star table.  The layout of the table has been altered to fit the space available.  The remaining portion is on the soffit of a lintel in a corridor between the Osireion's two outer chambers. It includes decans 15a spty and 15b xnwy; the only other diagonal star table to do so is K1.