Label T/K? - Turin Provv. 4084
Group/Type Uncategorized
Siglum None assigned
EAT 1 Coffin -
EAT 1 Group -
Major Publications Ferraris (2011)
Owner ?
Provenance Unknown. Ferraris believes it went through the hands of a dealer rather than came from an excavation, basing his reasoning on some remodelling of the edges of the piece. (Ferraris 2011)
Current Location Museo Egizio, Turin, provisional accession number Provv. 4084


Date Row ?
Vertical Strip
Horizontal Strip
Other Text
Style ?



Ferraris provides a description of a schema and has confirmed (in private communication) that this is the layout:

Xry xpd n sit sAwy sit sit ...ti
tpy-a Axwy Xry xpd n sit sAwy sit ...


Ordinary Decans
sAwy sit
Xry xpd n sit
tpy-a Axwy 



Ferraris (2011) feels that this table should be grouped as a K table. There is good reason for this in that the decan sit is never spelled sit in the T list: it is always srt. Similarly, Xry xpd n sit is always spelled without the n (Xry xpd srt) in the T list. However, there is a problem in identifying the damaged decan ...ti in either list. Ferraris suggests that the reading could be, which strongly suggests smd srt, a decan which appears before sit in the T list but never appears in K. However, this decan is never spelled smd sit, as it would have to be here.

Ferraris (2011) supports the identification with the K tables by looking at the position of the middle batten, which he indicates is immediately to the right of the first (rightmost) preserved column of star names.