Title Tomb of Petosiris (Chamber 1)
Type Astronomical Representation
Decan List Family AR3
EAT3 Number and Name 48 Petosiris
EAT3 Pages and Plates 64-67, Fig 15.
EAT3 Decan List Family Seti I A A
Publications Daressy (1902); Kees (1933)
Location Ceiling of first chamber in the now-destroyed tomb of Petosiris near Atfih
Date Ptolemaic, c. 150 BC


Registers 2, essentially, although the layout is more complicated than usual
Circumpolar Group and Deities Yes:  9 behind Hippo; 11 opposite.

Superior:  Jupiter, Saturn, Mars

Inferior:  Mercury, Venus

Decan Names Yes
Decanal Stars Daressy did not note them
Personifications of the Decans Daressy did not note them
Cluster Numbers Daressy did not note them
Depictions of Decanal Constellations Yes
Decanal Deity Names Yes
Decanal Deity Figures Daressy did not note them
Lunar Months No
Civil Months No
Nut No, apparently arched rather than straight, but not inclosing any astronomical parts of the ceiling.  N&P interpret Daressy as saying Nut enclosed "two mortuary texts", but his wording could alternatively imply that one text occured between Nut's arms, and the other between her legs, leaving the space under her body to enclose the northern register in its entirety.
Other features The ceiling includes twelve figures representing the "Unwearying Stars"



One of two astronomical decorations in this tomb, apparently of the same design.  This one was recorded by Daressy as a prose description in 1902.  The Second ceiling (in Chamber 2) was not recorded at all.



This reconstruction of the layout is highly conjectural as Daressy's description seems to confuse east and west.  The following elements seem to have been present:


Legend for Schematic
C Circumpolar group of constellations
A Circumpolar attendant deities
D Decans
P Planets
 Hippo symbol

Location and orientation of the circumpolar hippo

 Human symbol 

Indicates the starting point and directionality of list or procession of figures


Decan List

The list gives an approximate layout for how the decans, deities, and decanal figures (in bold) are arranged.    For conventions and abbreviations, see below the table. 

This list is a partial version of the AR3 list.


33 iwn sAH Eye of Horus Sahu
34 rmn <Hry> sAH Eye of Horus  
35 msDr sAH Eye of Horus  
36 rmn Xr<y> sAH Eye of Horus  
37 a sAH Eye of Horus  
38 sAH Osiris  
39 spdt Isis Sopdet
SP1 Hr-wpS-tAwy
SP2 imnty pt DA pt
SP3 sbA iAbty pt Hr-Axty? rn=f
siAtw   Turtles
G nsrw Imseti
H sSpt Eyes of Horus J ip[Ds]  
K sbXs Horus L nTr wAS Duamutef  
IP1 sbg stS m wx<A> [nTr] m dwAt  
IP2 DA baH   Benu

The decan numbers and letters shown here are for the decan family AR3

SP = superior planet

IP = inferior planet

Grey shading = damage

< > = omitted but understood

[ ] = damaged text

( ) = explanatory notes or additional material

The number of star symbols accompanying the decans is also omitted here, as it is often impossible to tell to which decan the symbols refer.  EAT3 deals with star symbols in some detail.