The history of diagonal star table research spans a relatively short period, and only begins with Daressy in 1900. Below is a summary of the sequence of events relating to the publication of the tables.


1900 Daressy publishes T1.

Lacau supplements Daressy with information about T1.

Murray publishes K0.

1911 Chassinat & Palanque publish T2, T3, T5, and T12, and compare these tables with Lacau's.
1932 Pogo compiles the previous three articles and adds T10.
1933 Capart quotes that Pogo already knows about T4 and is preparing to publish it.
1936 Pogo publishes T4;
Pogo publishes T8, T6, and K2.
1960 EAT1: compiles T1 - T9, T12, and K0 - K3. Of these, 10 were known previously (see above); T7, K1, and K3 are new. Omits T10, perhaps because of lack of photos or drawings, or thinking it was too badly damaged to read.
1983 Locher publishes K4 which is in storage in Turin. It seems that Neugebauer and Parker had no contact at all with Turin because in EAT1 they wrote "Present location: Turin Museum, now perished" for T7 (referencing de Buck), when it is surviving and (currently) on public display.
1985 Lapp describes and draws K5 during the short period it was exhibited.
1990/1993 Eggebrecht (1990, 1993) notes and photographs T9 but doesn’t analyse it.
1992 Locher publishes the schema of K5 and notes the existence of X1.
1998 Locher publishes T10 after seeing it in person in Cairo. He also publishes the schemas of T9 and T11. He mentions his previously-published tables K5 and K4, to bring the total number of coffins “from 12 to 17”. This count does not include K0 (not a coffin, and the only table not from the Middle Kingdom) or X1.
2002 Symons publishes two fragments, K6 and K7, from the British Museum, London.
2005 Kahl publishes a photo of K9.
2007 Symons re-classifies all tables published so far (excluding K9, unknown to her at this point) into two groups - T and K - and publishes all the schemas together.
2010 Zitman notes the existence of K10 and T/K?-S16X.
2013 Symons & Cockcroft visit and publish K10.
Cockcroft & Symons update schemas for T8 (including a "new" decan) and T11.
This database is published.

Cockcroft & Symons publish a new fragment (likely from K5), update T10, and note a small inaccuracy in T1's horizontal strip.

Dieleman publishes a new fragment, K11, the only one in North America.


Symons updates schemas for all tables including K8 and K9.  (K11 is not included as it had not appeared when this manuscript was written.
Symons and Cockcroft complete their survey of diagonal star tables in Egypt and complete updating this database.

2017 Ferraris' publication of a new fragment from the collection in Turin is expected to appear.
To Date We know of 28 tables, of which one has never been described (T/K?-S16X), some have disappeared or are out of reach (K5, T5), and two are fragments currently awaiting publication (T/K?-S10/st12 and the Turin fragment).