xntw Xrw


Occurrences on Diagonal Star Tables
K (K0) K1 K2 K3 K4 (K5) (K6) (K7) (K8) (K9) (K10) K11
( ) Absent because the table ended, is fragmentary or is damaged
  Absent for unknown reasons, never was present


This decan is not present in the T list. It is expected in all K tables but only four reach as far as this decan. In K1 only one cell, (23,7) preserves this decan. In K2 a contrary diagonal runs from (10,12) to (8,10) and continues from (7,10) to (4,7). In K3 a short diagonal runs from (15,12) to (17,10). K4 has adjacent diagonals starting from (15,12) and (16,12) containing the xntw decans, although it is not clear which is which (as indicated by the half-filled cells below).  It makes one appearance in the fragmentary K11.



  Ordinary decan
  Triangle decan


Epigraphy on Diagonal Star Tables

The drawings below have been re-drawn from EAT1 (K2, K3).

K1 K2 K3 K4
No imagery available K2 K3 No imagery available