sAwy qd


Occurrences on Diagonal Star Tables
K (K0) K1 K2 K3 K4 (K5) (K6) (K7) (K8) (K9) (K10) (K11)
( ) Absent because the table ended, is fragmentary or is damaged
  Absent for unknown reasons, never was present


This decan appears in just three type K tables.  In K1 it occupies two cells:  (12,5) and (22,8), in K3 just one: (17,12), and in K4 two:  (18,12) and (19,11).  For unknown reasons it is omitted in K2, the only other table to preserve this area of the decan list.



  Ordinary decan
  Triangle decan


Epigraphy on DSTs

The drawings below have been made directly from photographs of the sources (K4), or re-drawn from EAT1 (K1, K3).

K1 K3 K4
K1 K3 K4