sbAw mHw

These tables show occurrences of this decan name in astronomical representations. Deities, deity figures, and figures are given that occur in the same column. Note that some span more than one column, and sometimes two decan names share a single column. Also note that decan names which do not occur due to damage or error are not included here, but their intended presence may be deduced by the words or figures nearby. See the astronomical representation pages for the full context of any decan name.

Occurrences in AR3 Astronomical Representations

sbAw mHw is decan 9 in this list.

Astronomical Representation


Tomb of Rameses V/VI (Pillared Chamber F, South) sbAw mHw Duamutef  Boat
Tomb of Rameses VII (Burial Chamber J, South) sbAw mHw Duamutef  
Tomb of Rameses IX (Corridor C, South) sbAw mHw Duamutef  
Sarcophagus of Nakhtnebef sbA<w> mH{t}w Duamutef  

< > = omitted but understood

{ } = included in error