Groupings of Decans

These groupings are somewhat open to interpretation. They are listed in rising order, beginning with the knmt group, clumping decans with thematically similar names. Single decans that do not belong to any grouping are shown at the bottom of the page.  The translations given here are from EAT1.  Note that diagonal star tables themselves do not distinguish groups of decans in this way.


"Constellation"EAT 1 TranslationDecan MembersEAT 1 Translation
knmt (an animal or bird) tpy-a knmt predecessor of knmt
sAwy knmt children of knmt
Xry xpd n knmt the one under the hind-part of knmt
DAt - HAt xAw beginning of xAw
HAt DAt beginning of DAt
pHwy xAw end of xAw
pHwy DAt end of DAt
TmAt -

TmAt Hrt

upper TmAt

TmAt Xrt

lower TmAt
wSt bkAt -

wSt bkAt





xntt   (part of a ship)   

tpy-a xntt

predecessor of xntt

xntt Hrt

upper xntt

xntt Xrt

lower xntt

Tms n xntt

the red one of xntt

Hry-ib wiA

middle of the ship




crew, guides or wine press
qdty, "xnwy", spty -



spty xnwy



(fish or reeds)
smd, srt -

tpy-a smd

predecessor of smd

smd srt





the sheep

sAwy srt

children of the sheep

Xry xpd srt

the one under the hind-part of the sheep
smd rsy southern smd
smd mHty northern smd
Axwy, bAwy spirits, souls

tpy-a Axwy

predecessor of the two spirits

imy-xt Axwy

follower of the two spirits


the two spirits


the two souls
xntw -

xntw Hrw

upper xntw

xntw Xrw

lower xntw
qd -



sAwy qd

children of the qd
art -


Xry art the one under art
sAH Orion rmn Hry (sAH) upper arm (of Orion)
rmn Xry (sAH) lower arm (of Orion)
rmn sAH arm of Orion
abwt abwt-sceptre
Xrt wart the one under the leg or lower leg
spd Sothis

tpy-a spd

predecessor of Sothis



imy-xt spd

follower of Sothis
sAbw -

pHwy sAbw

end of sAbw




Single decansEAT 1 Translation
knm -
Stwy the two tortoises
ipDs -
sSpt -
sbSsn -
xAw the thousands?
xAw 2 the thousands?
nTr DA pt the god who crosses the sky