The following grouping scheme is adapted from EAT 2 (Chapter 1) for the hour stars' constellations. The translations are Neugebauer and Parker's and reflect some of their opinions about the figures the star names describe and, in the case of Groups K and L, their relationship to modern constellations.

Group Enxtgiant
E1 tpy-a Swty nt nxt predecessor of the two feathers of the giant
E2 Swty nt nxt the two feathers of the giant
E3 tpy-a HD=f predecessor of his mace
E4 tp nxt (tp=f) head of the giant (his head)
E5 tp (n) HD nt nxt head of the mace of the giant
E6 HD nt nxt mace of the giant
E7 nHbt nxt (nHbt=f) neck of the giant (his neck)
E8 XAb=f nape of his neck
E9 mndt=f his breast
E10 bgs nxt (bgs=f) hip of the giant (his hip)
E11 sDHf his shank
E12 pd nxt (pd=f) knee of the giant (his knee)
E13 sbq=f his foot
E14 pt=f his pedestal
E15 iy sA p=f the one coming after his pedestal
E16 sbA n sA pt star of the back of the pedestal
Group Farytuntranslated and not associated with the decan art
F aryt untranslated
Group GApdbird
G1 bant nt Apd (bant=f) beak of the bird (its beak)
G2 tp n Apd head of the bird
G3 Htyt nt Apd throat of the bird
G4 kft=f its rump
Group HsbA n xAwstar of the thousands
H sbA n xAw star of the thousands
Group JsbA n sarstar of sar
J sbA n sar star of sar
Group KsAHOrion
K1 tpy-a (sbA n) sAH
predecessor of (the star of) Orion
K2 sbA n sAH
star of Orion
Group LspdtSothis
L1 sbA n spdt star of Sothis
L2 iy Hr-sA (sbA n) spdt the one coming after (the star of) Sothis
Group MsbAwythe two stars
M1 tpy-a sbAwy predecessor of the two stars
M2 sbAwy the two stars
Group NsbAw nw mwthe stars of the water
N sbAw nw mw stars of the water
Group OmAilion
O1 tp n mAi head of the lion
O2 sd n mAi (sd=f) tail of the lion (his tail)
Group PsbAw aSAwthe many stars
P sbAw aSAw the many stars
Group Qmnitmooring post
Q1 tpy-a mnit predecessor of the mooring post
Q2 TA nfr not translatable with any certainty
Q3 Smsw (n) HAt (n) mnit follower of the front of the mooring post
Q4 mnit mooring post
Q5 Smsw (n) mnit follower of the mooring post
Q6 Smsw iy Hr-sA mnit follower which comes after the mooring post
Group Rrrt(female) hippopotamus
R1 rdwy (or rd) (n) rrt feet (or foot) of the hippopotamus
R2 pd n rrt (pd=s) knee of the hippopotamus (her knee)
R3 Hry-ib (n) mnty=s middle of her thighs
R4 bAH n rrt (bAH=s) private part of the hippopotamus (her private part)
R5 xpd n rrt (xpd=s) buttocks of the hippopotamus (her buttocks)
R6 mndt n rrt (mndt=s) breast of the hippopotamus (her breast)
R7 ns=s her tongue
R8 Swty n rrt (Swty=s) the two feathers of the hippopotamus (her two feathers)